Your Rugs Will Benefit When You Hire Our Restoration Experts

Sometimes, a rug will need restoration services before it can be cleaned, and our business is preferred by homeowners and business owners who are seeking a variety of rug restoration services. Rug restoration is far from something one can do DIY, as usually special tools, machines, and know-how are required to execute a rug restoration correctly.
Our certified and licensed technicians can provide rug restoration services, regardless of how old or complex a rug is. This is one reason why we are preferred by those who need rug restoration along with carpet cleaning in North Bergen.
While we offer dozens of rug restoration services, we are often called on to perform rug recoloring, rug reweaving, rug binding, and rug fringing. To know more about each of these common rug restoration jobs, read through the sections below, where each one is explained.


A Good Rug Recoloring Will Make Your Rug Vibrant Again

Rugs can have beautiful patterns and designs, and they can feature rich colors as well. But eventually, a rug will lose its visual appeal, and in this instance it's best to just get a simple recoloring service rather than throw the rug out entirely.
Our expert technicians have been performing rug recoloring jobs since our business first opened its doors, and we can bring life back to a rug via recoloring, no matter how old it is. You don't have to worry about dying damaging your rug, as the dying products we use will never run. Instead, they’ll stay for decades once they’ve settled in. Rug recoloring is a service we’re often called on to perform, specifically for commercial rug owners.

We Make Rug Reweaving Look Like A Walk In The Park

You may need rug reweaving services often if you're a fan of Persian and oriental rugs. Both these rug types require reweaving routinely, as this is just part of owning these rugs. It’s because of how they’re designed.
Also, when rugs have been riddled with holes by moths, such rugs can also benefit from getting a reweaving service. Our experts will do a reweaving fast—so fast you may forget your rug was ever taken to get rewoven.

We Specialize In Area Rug Binding

Does a favorite rug in your home have frayed edges? If so, then you should consider rug binding. We have been specializing in rug binding for years, as this is a service rug owners often need. We can use either binding tape or a heavy duty sewing machine to bind your rug for you, and we’ll pursue the easiest and most cost-effective method.
You won’t have to worry about your rugs getting damaged by binding, as we’ll take care to ensure your rugs are in good condition throughout the whole process. This is in part why we’re trusted by those who have old/vintage rugs.

Hire Our Team When You Need Rug Fringing

Over the years, a rug’s knots will unravel, and unraveling will affect a rug’s condition as well as its value. Moreover, if the fringes get damaged, it will be hard to get them back to their original state, unless you possess the tools and know-how we do. When your rug is in desperate need of fringing, do the smart thing—call us!